We truly believe that validation is an essential prerequisite to produce robust and trustworthy software. Whenever a new feature is introduced into our numerical solver it is validated against reliable and proven results. We do not stop at this point, but ensure constant correctness of every release using continuous automated testing.
This way our loyal user base benefits from the rising quality and robustness of our numerical solver in each new software release of THESEUS‑FE.

Comparisons and validations against

  • analytic solutions
  • results from scientific literature
  • real-world measurements
  • other simulation software tools

help us not only to eliminate any issues but also to generate useful tutorials for our customers.
We keep track of current best practice in scientific research and engineering. This often leads to helpful suggestions for further developments and new features of our solver.

Many of the validation models complete with results are included in the installation of THESEUS‑FE and thoroughly documented in our comprehensive Validation manual.
Here on our homepage we present a selection of key validation problems relating to the topics mentioned below.

Validation of Basic Heat Transfer Models

Image of Thermal Simulaton Results for a Half-Sphere Model Warming Up from the outside
Half-sphere warming up from the outside shell

Taking the "simple" stuff for granted would be a huge mistake. Whenever the foundation is rotten more complex parts built on top cannot be expected to work either.
For that reason, starting with the initial development stage of THESEUS‑FE, we have taken care to rigorously check the numerical solution of elementary heat transfer phenomena.
The publicly available models showing some of the validation cases for

  • heat conduction
  • internal heat generation
  • basic convection laws

can be viewed on our page centered around Validations of Basic Heat Transfer Models

Validation of Advanced Heat Transfer Models

Image of Thermal Simulation Results for a Heat Bridge of Crossing Building Walls
Model for validating architectural heat bridges

Whenever the mathematical models get more complex, we ensure that their realization in software stays correct.
This section contains some models with validation cases for

  • heat bridges
  • anisotropic conduction
  • phase transitions
  • thermal radiation
  • fluid flow within 1D networks

Detailed model description including the results are gathered on the page for Validations of Advanced Heat Transfer Models

Validation of Thermal Manikin FIALA-FE

Schematic of a Validation Case for Human Physiology Model FIALA-FE
Thermal manikin validation scenario with changing environmental conditions

One of the centerpieces of THESEUS‑FE is the thermophysiological human model FIALA-FE.
Thankfully, the research results behind the model are well-documented and thus our numerical model is backed by extensive validation cases.

All parts of the virtual thermophysiological model have been compared to the results presented in the original work by Dr. Dusan Fiala.
This includes validation cases for

  • thermal neutrality validation
  • the passive system
  • the active system

The corresponding documentation is included in our installation package and excerpts of it are shown on the page for Validation of Thermal Manikin FIALA-FE.