Software Downloads


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THESEUS‑FE downloads are available to registered customers and as trial versions.

We provide download packages for the following platforms:

  • Linux 64bit (x64), official support for RHEL 6 & 7, CentOS 6 & 7
    (consult us for other distributions)
  • Windows 64bit (x64), support for Windows 7 & 10

Please note that the download area is restricted to registered users.

Go to download area (for registered users only)

Engineering Services


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We offer engineering services and consultancy to profitably employ simulation within your development process.

This is a small overview of our services to assist you:

  • Analyses using THESEUS‑FE
  • Individual software development
  • Mesh creation
  • Structure mechanics simulations
  • Fluid-dynamics simulations
  • Mechanical parameter measuring
See an overview of services that we offer



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In our Training & Support Center (TSC) at our headquarter in Munich we offer training workshops around the basic & advanced usage of THESEUS‑FE. Additionally trainings for related engineering software tools and workflow processes are available, too.

Depending on the package of THESEUS‑FE that you purchase, you might be even qualify for an initial free training workshop.

For users in China, Japan and South Korea, your local reseller will surely arrange the proper training for you.

Read more info on our training courses

Publications & Presentations


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We always try to keep in touch with researchers which are working on topics related to the feature set of THESEUS‑FE. Whenever THESEUS‑FE gets used in scientific work, it makes us really proud. A small part of this work can be found in the publication section.

Our engineers regularly participate at thematically related seminars and conferences. Talks and presentations held on this occasions can be found in this section for download, too.

Besides these, the publication section contains other material related to THESEUS‑FE, e.g. press releases or our newsletters.

See publications available for download



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Nothing is more important to us than ensuring the quality of THESEUS‑FE. Using automated testing we do our best to validate each feature of THESEUS‑FE and to ensure its functionality from version to version.

Some of the primitive testing cases are shown in the following sections for demonstration purposes. Besides our extensive set of tutorial cases they are suitable for getting in touch with THESEUS‑FE to learn how to model certain physical phenomena.

Simulation models for all validation cases are included in installation package of THESEUS‑FE.

See our publically available validation cases