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A dynamic approach to product development

Image of ARRK Headquarter Building in Munich
Our headquarter in Munich, Germany.
Home of the THESEUS‑FE development team.

As development partner of major players in the automotive, aerospace and special and commercial vehicle industries, as well as machine building and plant manufacturing we offer technical solutions for the development process.

By combining specific development expertise and individual industry knowledge we are able to assist our customers with innovative, cost-efficient and target-oriented solutions.

  Automotive industry

With a wealth of experience from nearly five decades, we support our customers of the automotive industry from the initial idea to the finished product that is ready for series production. We see ourselves as an integral partner of the automotive industry in all phases of product development, from the design phase through to the SOP and sometimes beyond.

  Aerospace industry

Our areas of expertise in the aerospace industry span from the single part development to the development of major components in both metal as well as fiber composite design. With a comprehensive and long-standing expertise we are recognized as a reliable partner of our customers in their product development processes and are ready to see you through any and all technical challenges the future might hold.

  Special & commercial vehicles

Exploit synergies, identify potentials and utilize them. We support our customers in the special and commercial vehicle industry through the transfer of our know-how gained in nearly five decades of automotive development. Our highly specialized staff provide for a smooth development process for our clients and draw on the overall development quality of the company.

  Machine building and plant manufacturing

Coupling our deep expertise in the field of engineering with a high level of understanding of materials sciences and manufacturing technologies, we are the ideal development partner in the field of machine building and plant manufacturing. Decades of know-how from five areas of competence along with a diverse range of industry experiences turns us into your perfect partner.

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Brand Logo of ARRK

Your global product development specialist

Schematic showing Locations of ARRK companies

Back in 2005, ARRK Engineering became a leading member of the parent group ARRK – an international group of companies based in Japan. Its 20 member companies and over 3,300 employees world-wide are active in the following fields:

Design Engineering
  • Design
  • CAE & Simulation
  • Test & Validation
  • Electrics & Electronics
  • Project & Quality Management

  • Rapid Prototyping SLA, SLS & 3D Printing
  • Vacuum Castings
  • Block Modelling
  • Rapid CNC Machining
  • Prototyping Project Management

  • Simulation, Moldflow Analysis & Stress Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Prototype & Rapid Tooling
  • Innovative Production Tooling
  • Tool Maintenance, Modification & Refurbishment

Low Volume Production (LVP)
  • Injection Moulded Parts
  • Composite Components
  • Low Volume Production Intent Components
  • Low Volume Complex Assemblies
  • Batch Productin Runs: 10-000's

Thanks to optimal team work, we are able – in close consultation with our customers – to develop complete parts and components, supply the relevant prototypes including series tools and produce small runs in plastic, while remaining focused on the product development process as a whole.

The ARRK brings together highly qualified specialists in order to provide customers with top technical know-how. Our experts use the latest technologies to deliver an outstanding service in terms of quality, precision and promptness. The ARRK team works closely with the customer to ensure the highest standards at all times.

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