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2006-now: The Here and Now

Rebirth and World-Wide Success

  • 2016
    Relaunched the official THESEUS‑FE website with a modern & mobile-friendly design.
  • 2015
    Version 5.0 is released in March. This is the first version which makes the E-Coating module broadly available.
  • 2014
    The publicly funded project E-Komfort is sucessfully concluded. The project had been a collaboration with Fraunhofer IBP and Volkswagen AG and led to numerous improvements in THESEUS‑FE over the course of its three years.
  • 2011
    Version 4.0 is released in July offering a completely revised graphical user interface and making the Oven module generally available.
  • 2009
    Version 3.0 is released in June and internal development on the Oven module starts in close cooperation with Volkswagen AG.
  • 2007
    In June, a new major version 2.0 of THESEUS‑FE is published followed by a minor service release 2.1 in November.
  • 2006
    By the union of INKA/TILL with an in-house development called thermosol3D the new software THESEUS‑FE is born and version 1.0 is presented at the Product Launch Day in May.
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1995-2005: The Transitional Period

Transfer of Intellectual Property to P+Z Engineering and Re-Development

  • 2005
    P+Z and BMW Group terminate the service agreement by mutual consensus. P+Z receives the intellectual properties on the software.
  • 2002
    In spring, the first international INKA/TILL User's Meeting takes place in Munich and the last official version 5.3.2 of INKA/TILL comes out a couple of weeks later.
  • 1997
    First commercial and by P+Z completely revised version 4.0 of INKA/TILL is released.
  • 1995
    BMW AG outsources INKA/TILL and signs a service contract with P+Z Engineering GmbH. P+Z takes over the maintenance and further development of the software.
Brand Logo of INKA Till @ Brand Logo of BMW

1983-1995: The Origins

Genesis and In-House Development at BMW

  • 1992
    Version 3.1 of INKA/TILL is released which is the last version developed internally by BMW itself.
  • 1987
    The TILL module with comfort evaluation based on PMV index is implemented.
  • 1985
    The first version of INKA is available for production use at BMW AG.
  • 1983
    The idea of INKA/TILL comes up at BMW AG.
    INKA is an acronym for the German expression "INnenraum KlimatisierungsAnalyse" and TILL stands for "Thermophysiologisches InsassenmodeLL".