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Image of ARRK Logo at Headquarter Building in Munich

Our software development team is part of the company ARRK Engineering with headquarters in Munich, Germany. ARRK Engineering is a major engineering services provider for the automotive, aerospace and related engineering industries.

This directly affects our software development process for THESEUS‑FE. We are not only the developers of THESEUS‑FE but also have numerous end users in-house. Our colleagues in engineering consultancy provide helpful input for the development process and are a constant source of real-life experience with our software. This sets us apart from most other software businesses that focus mainly on marketing and sales. Having colleagues as users guarantees highest standards of our software, both in the feature set and in code robustness.

Being part of a larger engineering service provider also means that we can provide holistic, inter-disciplinary solutions to engineering problems beyond our team boundaries.

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History of THESEUS‑FE


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THESEUS‑FE can look back at a history of more than 40 years. It started as an in-house project called INKA at car manufacturer BMW. Some years later, the responsibility for maintaining and developing the software was transferred to our company.

After we were granted the intellectual properties on the BMW software, the code base underwent a major rewrite to keep track with the needs of its user base. While the old solver was based on the finite difference methods and limited to very small models, the new solver utilizes the finite element method. It is now much more flexible in its applications and handles drastically larger models. A user-friendly graphical interface was put on top of the solver for convenient pre- and postprocessing.

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